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Remembering Hope

February 14, 2012

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear, sweet cow Hope. Those of you who know us, know that Hope has been dealing with an injury in her hip for over a year. These past few weeks, she had gotten markedly worse and we made the devastating decision to let her go.

In January 2010, we were notified of a 3 year old infertile cow who needed to be rescued from a dairy farm. The dairy farm referred to her as “#140.” Infertile cows are of no use to the dairy farmer because dairy cows must produce babies in order to produce milk. Luckily for cow “#140” she made a a human friend named Grace. Grace would visit this cow throughout the years feeding her treats like cookies and bread. When Grace heard the farmer was sending cow #140 to slaughter she had to find her a safe home. This is when for the Animals sanctuary stepped in.
We decided to name her Hope because she had HOPE – to live a safe, long, happy, and healthy life.
When Hope first came to us, she was nervous around people. When we tried to vaccinate her, she jumped a 6-foot fence. We assume she hated feeling trapped and was reminded of having been forcibly impregnated in tiny confinement stalls. Gradually, Hope came to trust us and the sanctuary friends who came to visit her.

In August 2010, Debbie noticed that one of Hope’s hips didn’t look right. She was diagnosed with “drop hip,” which is common in dairy cows. Multiple pregnancies leach calcium from their bones and the weight of carrying around a growing calf also contributes. Normally, this is an immediate death sentence for cows. But Hope held on, eating and drinking normally, playing with the other cows, and generally acting normal. She was a bit slower to get up and lay down, but she was doing well. Debbie spoke with a woman who runs a cow sanctuary who told her that she had cows with drop hip who lived for 20 years after their diagnosis.
This gave all of us hope and gave us more time with our Hope.

Over the past year and a half, Hope has made friends with everyone who has come to the sanctuary. We’ve watched her gobble watermelon and apples to her heart’s content. It was amazing to watch her go from a timid, untrusting cow to seeing her nuzzle people she had never met before.

Although our decision was the right one, it is devastating to say goodbye to one of your friends. None of us will be able to see watermelon without thinking of her and smiling. We’re glad we were able to give her two great years of being free and happy. We’ll miss her so much.

We’ve set up an album on Facebook of Hope and her friends.

Additionally, you can read a story written by our Vice President, Theresa, about her experience with Hope here.

To help us continue our life-saving work and to honor Hope and other dairy cows like her, please consider making a contribution to the sanctuary here. Hope’s surviving animal friends need food and bedding for the spring and putting her down humanely set us back even further from our goal. All of us appreciate any support our friends can give.


Goodbye, Rockie

June 4, 2011

Last night, For the Animals lost one of its sweetest dogs. Our blind sharpei, Rockie passed away after a brief bout with cancer.

Earlier this week, Rockie started having seizures. Debbie and Steve brought him into the vet on Wednesday and they found a large mass in his lungs that the pathologist confirmed as cancer. We were hoping anti-seizure medications would have given us a few weeks to say goodbye. He seemed okay on Thursday, eating lots of good, homemade food. But on Friday, he began seizing again. Each seizure left Rockie scared and whimpering. Since this was no quality of life, Debbie and Steve made the tough decision to put him to rest.

Rockie came to FtA in 2004 as a 5-year-old dog. He was abandoned at a shelter when his first family found out that he was going blind. Considered defective, he was left at the shelter and his family told him they would be back. But they weren’t. Debbie and Steve knew right away that they wanted to take Rockie home and add him to the For the Animals family.

He was the sweetest dog. Anyone who has ever been to one of the FtA potlucks has met Rockie hanging out in the kitchen, sniffing hands, and waiting to get some scraps of everything that people brought.

Rockie was a smart dog, choosing Debbie and Steve. He lived a great life with wonderful friends. We love you, Rockie, and we will miss you terribly.

Summer Shindig!

May 31, 2011

Our Summer Shindig last Saturday marked the official opening of the 2011 visiting season for For the Animals. We had a gorgeous day up here at the sanctuary and HUGE turnout!
We sold Debbie’s jewelry and buttons in the main tent. And also had our food vendors and the Gary Gibson Program all promoting a healthy, vegan lifestyle.

We had great music provided by board member Claudia and sanctuary friend, Tyler as well as the Starry Sky String Band (featuring sanctuary friend, Julie).

There were sanctuary tours, highlighted by meet and greets with some of the animals.

Thank you so much to all of our friends who left fruits and veggies for the animals. When we did our evening feeding, Hope was SO HAPPY to get big bowls full of watermelon. It’s her favorite!

Claudia and I thanked Pippin and Henry for being absolutely wonderful with all of the people, both big and little. They were really, really great and loved being pet by everyone.

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and made the event so successful!

And a special thank you to our vendors, and food sponsors (Pirate Foods, Turtle Mountain, Just Tomatoes, Fantastic World Foods, Eden Organic, Organicville Foods, Sweet Avenue Bake Shop).

We hope to see everyone throughout the summer for our other visiting days and work parties! You can also check out our upcoming events below!

On Saturday, the 14th, we had a Work Party and got all of stalls and animals ready for the shindig.

And added some gravel to the pig area since the girls are having fun digging around and rooting the pig barn right out of its foundation!

We also got our new chicken coop! The ladies are absolutely loving their new home!

The animals got spoiled again with watermelon brought by their friends.

Lizzie hit the jackpot…

Upcoming Events:
Sunday, June 5th – Jersey Pride, Asbury Park, NJ
Debbie and Theresa will be at Jersey Pride selling jewelry, buttons, and hats knitted by yours truly. Come check out our new, totally awesome, LGBT vegan stuff!

Saturday, June 11th – Visiting Day
Come visit and get a sanctuary tour! Feel free to bring a vegan picnic lunch that can be eaten on the grounds overlooking the pasture.
Out of respect for the animals, we ask that all food and drink brought onto the property be vegan. If you need some ideas, visit Veg Web or The PPK.
There is a donation fee of $10 for adults and $5 for children 5-15 (children under 5 are free).

Saturday, June 18th – Cupcakefest 2011, Rutherford, NJ
Our friends over at Sweet Avenue are hosting Cupcakefest 2011! We will be there selling jewelry and buttons. Come check out our table!

Sunday, June 19th – Father’s Day Work Party
Bring your dad out to help us clean up the sanctuary grounds! There will be a vegan potluck following the work party. Again, if you need ideas check Veg Web or The PPK for great vegan recipes.
The work begins at noon, so we ask that you arrive promptly. We also ask that you RSVP to this event on our Facebook page. We need to have an accurate headcount so that we can plan out the day’s activities.
Please note that the work parties are ADULTS ONLY events.

To receive sanctuary updates as they happen, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for our email newsletter!